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SQLite C Interface

Function Flags

#define SQLITE_DETERMINISTIC    0x000000800
#define SQLITE_DIRECTONLY       0x000080000
#define SQLITE_SUBTYPE          0x000100000

These constants may be ORed together with the preferred text encoding as the fourth argument to sqlite3_create_function(), sqlite3_create_function16(), or sqlite3_create_function_v2().

The SQLITE_DETERMINISTIC flag means that the new function will always maps the same inputs into the same output. The abs() function is deterministic, for example, but randomblob() is not.

The SQLITE_DIRECTONLY flag means that the function may only be invoked from top-level SQL, and cannot be used in VIEWs or TRIGGERs. This is a security feature which is recommended for all application-defined SQL functions that have side-effects. This flag prevents an attacker from adding triggers and views to a schema then tricking a high-privilege application into causing unintended side-effects while performing ordinary queries.

The SQLITE_SUBTYPE flag indicates to SQLite that a function may call sqlite3_value_subtype() to inspect the sub-types of its arguments. Specifying this flag makes no difference for scalar or aggregate user functions. However, if it is not specified for a user-defined window function, then any sub-types belonging to arguments passed to the window function may be discarded before the window function is called (i.e. sqlite3_value_subtype() will always return 0).

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